Meghan Trainor – The Ellen DeGeneres Show

My phone rings… I look at the number and don’t recognize it.  I answer expecting a recorded message informing me that I’ve won an all inclusive cruise and all I need to do is give my personal information to an associate in Nigeria.

Me:  Hello?

Phone:  Hey, you were referred to us by Drew Taubenfeld and we’d like to hire you to mix the broadcast for an Epic Records artist on The Ellen DeGeneres Show if you’re available for rehearsals and the show.

I’ve worked for various artists on quite a few TV shows and have  had several similar phone calls but this one ended up leading to a pretty cool experience.

The artist was Meghan Trainor and if you haven’t heard of her she is a 20 year old songwriter/artist that has already penned songs for country artists Rascal Flatts and Hunter Hayes.  Impressive stuff for a 20 year old writer but add to that she has her own song “All About That Bass” that as of now has 60 million views on YouTube.

Here is what made this particular gig so cool:

#1 – The first guests on the show were Kacy Catanzaro and Brent Steffensen from American Ninja Warrior… I LOVE that show.

#2 – The second guest was apparently Noah Ritter and apparently he is the funniest kid on earth.  If you haven’t seen him you’ve apparently been living under a rock…. just click on his picture and enjoy.






#3 – The third guest was David Spade and… well… Tommy Boy and Black Sheep… enough said.

#4 – It was awesome to see my friend Terry Fountain, the broadcast mixer on Ellen, and catch up with him…  and also mix on his incredible Studer console.








#5 – This one is the real reason for this being such an awesome day…   I got to be in the room with someone when their biggest dreams came true and their life changed forever.  Just after Meghan’s performance, Ellen walked on stage with a giant plaque and told her that “All About That Bass” had gone platinum.






I think Meghan was in shock but by the time we got back to our dressing room there was a joy in Meghan that I’ve rarely seen in a person.  I think the thing made the moment so refreshing was there was no sense of ego or entitlement… she was just in awe of the journey and thankful.

Our Ellen episode airs today…  also TODAY “All About That Bass” reached #1 on the Billboard Hot 100. It’s a good day to be Meghan Trainor!