Project! Res-o-glas Deco Build – National Map – Glenwood

Here is the newest addition to the Tim Schoenhals stable of guitars!

Stay Puft

Lauren said that it looks like a marshmallow.  I tried to think of the most harmless

thing…  Something I loved from my childhood.  Something that could never ever possibly destroy us.  Mr. Stay Puft…  So that’s what I named him… Stay Puft.  (anyone born after 1984 thinks I’m weird now…. just stop reading this and go watch Ghostbusters)

This one started when my good friend Patrick Matera turned me on to a Kickstarter for Guitar Kits USA.  They are a company that has started making fiberglass bodies like the ones used on old Valco guitars between 1962 and 1967.  These guitars were made under a variety of names including Supro, National, Atlas, Valco and Airline.  The Kickstarter ended up reaching it’s funding goal and a couple of months later I had a box full of parts.

Stay Puft was an absolute blast to build.  Definitely a different experience than any other guitar that I have made.  The fiberglass body made some processes super easy and it made other parts of the build a bit more complicated.

I documented most of this build on video.  In order to explore some of the sounds I can make with this guitar I decided to record a song to go with the video.  Every guitar part was played with Stay Puft… Most of the sounds were made through some combination of effects pedals and amplifiers that I also made… so yeah… suuuuper nerdy.

EMBRACE THE NERD!  …  my new motto… Enjoy!