Ellie Goulding and Zedd-MTV Movie Awards 2014

Another week has passed and this last one was awesome!  I was working with Ellie Goulding and Zedd for their performance on the MTV Movie Awards.

Amazing Production!
Click for huge version!

I found Ellie and Zedd’s talent and wizardry at music inspiring.  Ellie’s amazing voice and ability to emotionally connect to a song speaks for itself.  Zedd is an amazing producer with a very strong sense of identity and  how he wants to come across to his audience.  Add that he couldn’t be a nicer guy and what you’ve got is someone who, in my opinion, couldn’t deserve his recent rise in success more.

The performance also included Matthew Koma and Miriam Bryant who were also fantastic.

Click here for a link to the Performance

2014 MTV Movie Awards - Show

Here is the little rig I built for the show:


Motu Ultralite Hybrids and Radial SW8
Motu Ultralite Hybrids and Radial SW8

Pretty awesome compact redundant rig… One midi controller, two computers running Ableton Live, two MOTU Ultralite Hybrid Interfaces feeding a Radial SW8.

Jobs like this one are some of my favorites.  Do all the hard work on the front end… do the show and make it look easy… everyone hugs and says “See you next time!”