Studio Session: About A Boy (NBC)

This week I’m working in the studio on some songs for a new NBC comedy called “About A Boy”.  The show is very funny and is earning great ratings.

These sessions are headed up by Leonard Jackson who (with his lovely wife Laura) own and run Bleed101… a cool music licensing company that is BLOWING UP…. so happy for them!  Check them out….

It’s really great to be working with Leonard again.  We’ve done a good bit of music work together.  We met over a decade ago when we both worked at Guitar Center.  Leonard and I provided MANY children with the musical tools needed to make terrible life/career decisions and we also committed such heinous crimes against humanity as distributing Crate and Schecter merchandise far and wide…  It’s the musical equivilent of chemical warfare…. please forgive us.

Also working on these tunes are Andy Barr (guitar) and Kaumyar (drums).  Andy and I toured together for a couple of years with Miranda Cosgrove (iCarly)… he is a wonderfully gifted musician and songwriter.  Kaumyar is a great drummer and previously played with Andy Barr in a cool band called Big City Rock.

Good Times!