1960’s Galanti Grand Prix

1960's Galanti Grand Prix

This 50+ year old Italian beauty needed some attention!  I fell in love with these guitars during one of my 36 hour “internet obsess-a-thons” where I can’t seem to put the computer away because of how deep i’ve fallen into the worm hole.  Those cyber-binges always seem to end with me spending money…  I guess it’s my version of an eating disorder where I consume binary code all night and then throw up my money…..

Anyway, I ended up bidding on the only one of these I could find on Ebay and won it for a pretty great deal.  It’s condition was terrible BUT after a solid de-funking, fret level/crown/polish, pickguard modification, complete rewiring and a hug it’s awesome.

The neck on this guitar is wonderful.  It feels a lot like a chunky C Fender neck from the same era.  Best of all it sounds JUST low-fi enough to be great.  I’m a big fan….  Which typically means I’ll have 2 more of them in a month.